Company Profile

Aba Al-Khail Company was founded by Sheikh Ali bin Saleh Aba Al-Khail (may Allah have mercy on him) as an individual institution from the fourteenth century AH of the market Qubbat-Rasheed based Buraydah, which is the oldest market in the city of Buraydah where he established, in 1206 before Migration ·

In 1418 H (1997 AD) accomplished by his Sons and continued development at the opening of new     branches and expend the further business activities

In 1429 –(2008) has been registered officially by the name of Jiad Al-Qassim United Group of companies as a branch of the group

The Group has a large factory more than 18,000 square meter with manufacturing facilities in the first industrial area in Al-Qassim, Buraydah. Including all the necessary require constructions for  preparations by a qualified team work

The factory also follows the international quality standards,  equipped with the latest production Halls and laboratory to ensure the quality of processes